Slot port vs round port

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Round Port Vs. Slot Port? - Subwoofers / Enclosures - #1 ... slot port is easier to build. slot port adds strength. slot port has a higher tendancy for turbulence since it uses 90degree corners. slot port is cheaper. round port if flared are more efficient. round port costs more to make. round ports are a bitch sometimes to mount, as they need support internally so they dont move. round ports are not the ... SLOT PORTS OR ROUND PORTS .... which is better ...? - diyAudio If port air velocity is fairly high then a slot port is preferable as port noise will be distributed over a large number of frequencies instead of one frequency as with a round port. Correctly made slot ports will always be preferable to round ports. 13th August 2011, 11:31 AM ... Slot port vs. round port aero -

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7 Reasons Roku Ultra Beats Apple TV The Roku Ultra offers both a USB port and a microSD slot, letting you bring your own content to the party. Whether you collect digital music or video — or both — it's much easier to access with a Roku. Craig vs Slots (Bonus Compilation)

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Convert round to slot ports - Techtalk Speaker Building ... Re: Convert round to slot ports It's gonna be a long, shallow box, but I havn't had a chance to figure some dimentions yet. It would probabl be better to figure for a 3 or 4 inch square port, to reduce port length. port shape - circle vs. thin slot, why? | Audiogon ... Slot loading tends to reduce port noise, which is derived from turbulence within the port. Depending on how the slots are achieved, it can also be less costly and time consuming for the manufacturer to achieve as compared to a tuned duct. Not understanding slot port vs. round port - Home Theater ... A slot port is not used to save internal cabinet volume. A slot port is used because it is generally easier to construct and it allows for multiple 90deg bends if necessary to achieve the desired port length.